Ever Wanted to Learn Japanese?

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In 2010 Miki, your iStudyJapanese teacher, started her Japanese language classroom in Perth, Western Australia and since then she has taught over one thousand students.

How does the Japanese language work? What is the language etiquette when communicating with different people? For Japanese people, the way one speaks changes according to the situation - this knowledge is an essential feature of what you will learn.

Miki specialises in teaching English speaking students Japanese for the first time. Having taught all levels up to Business Japanese, she knows that building a solid foundation from the beginning is very important.

There are two different ways of you learning at iStudyJapanese.

  • Group Lessons in the North Perth Classroom
  • Video-On-Demand Lessons

See the details below to decide which method best suits you.

Why iStudyJapanese?

✔︎ In the Classroom or via Zoom - The lessons are held in the North Perth Classroom. You can attend each lesson in the classroom or connect via Zoom.

Lessons are Filmed - If you miss a lesson you can catch up. You won't miss anything.

✔︎ Natural Japanese Communication - Just like a Japanese local.

✔︎ Many Opportunities to Practise - Improve your speaking and listening skills.

✔︎ Material for Effect Learning - A number of helpful learning aids which Miki has developed over the past 10 years. You can download or print them. These make it easy to grasp the fundamentals of each lesson.

✔︎ Practical - Learn by doing - with step-by-step lessons. Lessons are presented in a 'new learner-friendly manner', which improves your ability to grasp and remember important concepts.

✔︎ Learn from Miki - Your native speaking Japanese teacher. She pronounces words and phrases perfectly using her training as a professional narrator in Tokyo.

✔︎ Support - Get one-on-one support.

✔︎ Quiz App - You have access to multiple review flashcards which are excellent for you to practise what you have learned.

✔︎ Value - Students rate iStudyJapanese as great value for money.

✔︎ Community - Join 'iStudyJapanese Family Lounge Facebook Group'. You are not alone, we are a family!

Group Lessons

We offer beginners' Japanese lessons from Level 1 to 5. Each level has 10 x 75-minute lessons.

You will have access to the iStudyJapanese LMS (Learning Management System) where you can download documents and watch new and archived videos.

Japanese language lessons - Small-Sized Group Classes Classes
XNorth Perth Classroom Lessons

There is a maximum of 6 students per class.
Address: 122 Raglan Road, North Perth 6006
You can attend each lesson in the classroom or connect via Zoom.

Please note: This class is for those who have time to keep up and prepare for each lesson.

$350 for each level (10 weekly lessons)

Lesson Times

All classes start from Level 1. Lessons are provided once a week for 75 minutes.
Sometimes lessons extend by a maximum of 15 minutes. If you need to leave, you can watch a recorded video later.

New Classes

The next schedule hasn't been decided yet. If you would like to receive information about future classes, please email me at [email protected].

What you will learn in Level 1

・Japanese social custom

・Understand 3 different ways of speaking and writing (polite/plain/honorific)

・The difference between polite form and plain form

・Japanese pronunciation and pitch accent

・Traditional soft pronunciation tips

・Japanese writing and reading system

・Self-taught Japanese characters and the writing order rules

・Basic greetings and phrases

・Common Japanese acknowledgement expressions

・Numbers from 1 to 100,000 (and use of o'clock, minute, hours, age)

・Noun/Adjective/Verb sentence structure

・Use of Japanese particles

・3 different Ko-So-A-Do-System (physical distance between the speaker and the listener)

・Expressions using 'who, which, what, where, when, how much'

Enrolment / Enquiry

Please email Miki at [email protected].

Meet Miki

Konnichiwa ! My name is Miki Omori. I am so happy you are here. 🥳

Arigatoo for your interest in learning Japanese and I welcome you to iStudyJapanese.



Miki is patient, flexible & her tutoring is the only value for money service I know of. She cares about her service, is innovative, open to feedback & ever improving. I honestly believe for informal Japanese study you could not do any better. - Ray


Miki explains concepts that are easy to understand and takes it one step further by teaching Japanese tradition and history to describe the meaning behind certain words and phrases. This makes her classes interesting and entertaining to watch. She truly makes learning Japanese easy and fun! - Pauline


I particularly appreciated how she helped me to be sympathetic to the nuances of Japanese, by relating them back to quirks of my own language that I took for granted. - Tristan


I've just returned from a trip to Japan and was pleased about how much Japanese I could speak. And that I was understood. Not only were all the practical things useful like directions, transport, ordering meals, etc, but it was great to feel that bit more polite to the Japanese people with correct greetings etc. Miki's classes made me feel really confident to give my Japanese skills a go on the trip. And I truly think this made this Japan trip a lot more fulfilling than the last. - Liz


Miki uses a syllabus she has developed herself, and the materials to go with it. Her syllabus is based on contemporary use of the language, so that you can converse in at least a rudimentary way when you visit Japan. . - Mary Anne


I feel like learning is not intimidating like it was before. Miki-san is an excellent teacher, the humour in classes is wonderful and I don't feel overwhelmed by anything. - Adriyel


Please email me at [email protected].

I will contact you shortly.


We pay respect and thank the indigenous people of Australia on whose land iStudyJapanese is located.