Level 4

Building on what you have learned in ​Level 3

It includes:

13.75 hours of on-demand videos
25 downloadable learning materials (67 pages)
Discussion area
Each short tutorial video has a discussion area so that you can post whatever you need to clarify. Miki replies within 24 hours.
Personal pronunciation assessment
Send your voice file to Miki directly. You will receive her feedback within 48 hours.

Objectives - What you will learn in lessons 31 to 40

・"I am doing (continuity of a state)."
・"A is (adjective) than B."
・"In the category, A is the best."
・"After I (action), I will (another action)."
・How to connect two or more actions in a sentence
・Ta-form - Japanese verb conjugation
・Conjugation from polite form to plain form
・Counter suffix
・Frequency and amount per unit of time
・Gerund - convert from a verb to a noun
・"I like doing (action)."
・Express a couple of actions randomly
・7 Japanese verb conjugations
・Express an experience
・"Which is more (adjective) A or B?", "A is more (adjective)."
・"Please don’t (action)."
・How to connect two or more nouns/na-adjectives in a sentence
・How to connect two or more i-adjectives in a sentence
・"May I (action)?"
・"You may (action)."
・"You don’t need to (action)."

Course Curriculum

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